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Craig Performance Horses believes in relationships built on trust, hard work, and friendship. We continually strive to provide the most professional and effective training. But don't take our word for it. Read answers below to the question: "Why are you riding with Craig Performance Horses and Cory Craig?"


Maggie, my Appaloosa mare, was 3 years old when she met the Craigs. They had a stellar reputation for breaking and training performance horses and that was what we needed. Mike Craig taught her the fundamentals, patience, and manners - don't roll when you have a rider on your back. When her muscles had developed to be able to perform the strenuous athletic maneuvers of a reining horse, Cory took over. Ultimately we went to the World Appaloosa Reining Show in Forth Worth, Texas, with Cory riding, of course! Truly an amazing experience for me.

Maggie and I love the entire Craig family and the home Maggie enjoys at their facility. When she has time off Maggie is "queen" of the fields. But she also knows her "job" which includes working with new riders, both children and adults. Mike says she is truly a treasure. Maggie continues to be a fun ride for me and this, I insist, keeps me young!

The ten years Maggie and I have been with the Craigs have been a joy. You will find the best with Cory and Mike - and recently, Cutter, a young professional, a member of their team, and a friend to us all. Come join us!

SUSIE SCHAAF - louisville, kentucky



I have ridden horses for years and had never had a trainer. However, when my youngest son, Branson, decided to ride and wanted to be competitive, I knew that I had to find a trainer who was affordable,
knowledgeable, and an expert in training of all disciplines. I found that at the Craigs.

Five years ago I took a 3 year-old paint mare to Cory to train. This began the greatest experience and friendship that one can desire in a horse trainer. Cory trained not only my horses, but taught my son and me the discipline, knowledge and abilities to be competitive and to win. Through this my family (Branson, Art and myself) have become great friends with Cory and the rest of the Craigs, including Cutter Cook, who is also an exceptional horse trainer. Cory has the ability to train not only the horses, but the ability to match horses with riders.

I soon discovered this when I decided to purchase a reining horse. Cory found Col Taffy Jo aka "Pete" and through his guidance I have become a competitive rider. As a result, I won my first class in green rider one in NRHA in only my second year of competition. In addition, Cory found me an exceptional mare to move me up in the different classes of competition as my abilities progress
with his guidance and training. Finally, along with the trial and errors, the bad shows, and good ones, Cory has been there with support.

Even when my 4 year-old stallion, Adam, died from an aneurysm Cory was there crying with me on my loss. To me Cory and all of the Craigs - Michelle, the boys, Mike and Linda have exceeded my expectations on being horse people with the knowledge, skills,· and abilities to deliver quality horse training and expertise. Not only that, we have become great friends and this will continue for many years to come. I can truly say that Cory and the Craigs will be my only trainers.


RHONDA PETRO - north vernon, indiana



I would like to thank the Craig’s for having a facility to train and ride horses in Southern Indiana. Everyone at the barn is outstanding and it is definitely a family atmosphere. Mike Craig helped me find my first horse 25 years ago and we have been going to the barn ever since. My Daughter started taking riding lessons at 10 years old and continues at 18 to show reining horses with Cory Craig.

With Cory’s instruction and guidance she has become a seasoned competitor in NRHA events. One of our highlights had to be watching Cory ride our horse, HA Steady Lena, to a Top Ten finish at the American Quarter Horse Congress. His hard work, dedication, and belief in this horse paid off and we appreciated all he did.

The facility is a place that anyone is welcome from the weekend rider to someone who wants to become a serious competitor. Thanks for treating us like family.

Stanci & Paige Jones - utica, indiana


Over 20 years ago we moved from central Indiana to southern Indiana. Moving to an area that we were not familiar with left a challenge to find a new trainer. We tried a couple of the local guys, mostly folks who said that they “break and train”, and then a new friend introduced us to a man who actually operated a family run training facility. We were introduced to Mike and sent a horse over to be broke, it was the first of many we sent.

What we quickly learned was that we could send over a fat two year old and in thirty days bring home a fit two year old that actually rides. We never imagined that over the years we would find such a friendship with the Craig’s. We were fortunate to meet Mike’s Dad, Fat, who really started this passion for horses and mules and got to know him.

David and Cory were still fairly young when we met them, and today, they are both exceptional young men who are carrying on with a great wealth of knowledge in the horse business. So involved are all of these guys, that when you stop by to check on the progress of your horse, they treat you like you are one of only a handful of clients while a barn full of horses await to be ridden every day.

We have always been impressed with the way they narrate from the saddle, what they are doing, how they have done it and how you will need to ride that horse when you are the rider. Thanks guys for all you have done, and a friendship that most don’t walk out of a barn with when they just get someone to “break and train” their horse.

JANET MESSERMITH - salem, indiana


I am probably one of the few people still around in the horse business to have had the pleasure of dealing with three generations of the Craig family. Many years ago while having shown horses in
southern Indiana and the surrounding areas, I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with Cory's grandfather, whom everyone called, Fats Craig. He was very knowledgeable in many disciplines of
horsemanship, but was especially talented in the cutting discipline. Many times over the past 30 to 40 years, probably more times than either of us want to count, I have had the pleasure of doing business with Cory's dad, Mike.

The Vieck family came to know the Craigs while doing business with a local canning factory located near the Craig's horse operation and myself through the horse industry.

I have had the pleasure of watching Cory grow up in the horse business since he was old enough to drive. Cory grew up in the shadow of his father and grandfather and he exemplifies the same
professional attitude and talent as his father and grandfather before him. The Craig family has been actively involved In the equine industry for over half a century.

They have guided countless riders& owners to be better equipped to be successful in the business of owning & showing horses. I have just recently had a reining prospect in training with Cory for over a year and was very pleased with the results. Cory was always available if I had a question and I value his opinion and skills as a horse trainer.

I have seen Cory show successfully for several years. Reining has become very competitive over the past several years and many people are entering into the reining competitions. It seems as if wherever one might be showing a reining horse these days, you will almost hear Cory's name or one of his client's name announced as participants and winners.

If we are lucky we will be able to continue to do business with the Craig family here in southern Indiana for many years to come and benefit from their years of experience in the horse industry.




I can't say enough good things about the Craig's. Mike has connected me with a couple of GREAT horses. Just last year, after several years away from horses, I enlisted Mike's help to find the perfect trail horse. He didn't fail me. When I think of Mike & Cory I think family. They are tough when they need to be, and there with a smile and hug when that is what you need. If you want to talk horses and are looking for someone you can trust all you need is the # to CPH.

Even though my life has long ago led me away from the horse show world I still treasure the memories of the time spent in the Craig barn and enjoy an occasional reunion with Mike, Linda and Cory (and Brent). I have never regretted that time in my life. Thanks for EVERYTHING, love you all.

Dorothea Diem - versailles, indiana


I was a hunter/jumper rider, and around horses and barns since age 6...and for the first time, I truly love and enjoy riding. The riding is always supervised, so it is safe, it is always professional, and, Mike and Cory do an excellent job of matching horse and rider, and the horses live up to my expectations.

I was so impressed with the Craig family, that nine years ago, I switched from hunter/jumpers to Western Reiner’s. Now, I own four, well breed, high performance horses that Cory shows and sometimes I show. In short, his training methods develop a horse to the point that the customer can actually, ride, or show the horse, and as a bonus, the horse can “step it up” and compete with a professional rider, such as Cory. So, the horse has a practical value for the customer, but is always managed and maintained for show points or selling.

They do all this with a pricing structure that is very friendly to the customer. You basically pay on amount per month, and that includes almost daily rides and training. I always feel like my money is well spent, and the results speak for themselves. The trainer/customer relationship is a partnership, and I have never felt any pressure to spend more money, nor have I received “surprise” invoices. The Craig’s “do” what they say they are going to do, it’s as simple as that.

The horse business can be full of people that make empty promises or even cheat you. But, for the first time I am at a barn I can trust, with trainers that actually work, surrounded by a barn family and customers that I enjoy. I have the option to ride, and train my horses anywhere in the United States, and I choose Cory Craig at Craig Performance Horses, Scottsburg, Indiana.

CYNTHIA Rounsavall - louisville, kentucky



I've been riding with Cory Craig for about three years. I was previously a hunter/jumper and all-around competitor and had owned a jumper for 20 years before buying my first reiner. I thought I knew a lot about horses and riding. But as I ventured into reining, it soon became apparent that I had only a shallow understanding of my horse and how to really ride him. It might have been embarrassing at a different barn, as I've made (and still make) some of the same mistakes over, and over and over again. "Do something with that free arm- you look like a chicken!" rings in my head after almost every ride.

But it's usually followed by "that was so good- you're getting it!" There is still a lot for me to learn, but Cory is always there to help. He is obviously an amazing rider and trainer. But, more than that, he is an excellent teacher and about the most patient person I've ever met. He takes time for everyone at his bam whether he's riding in his own arena or at a show.

He runs himself ragged trying to make sure everyone is taken care of and doing well. He's there for every student and even former students at shows, on the rail, giving advice during the ride. Then afterwards, he calmly discusses how you miscounted the spins once again for the fourth time in a row or had a bad run-down ... again. And then points out the good things you did, even if he has to think back pretty hard to find one.

Somehow he manages to 'give constructive criticism but still make everyone feel good about how they are doing with their horse, even if they have a bad show. In addition to Cory, Mike is a legend and always knowledgeable, happy and helpful; and Cutter is another fantastic rider, trainer and teacher.

Cutter could really run his own training barn easily but they all have so much fun together it makes riding with them a blast. I'd recommend Craig Performance Horses to anyone - but be careful because they will get you hooked on reining before you know what hit you!




I have had horses in training with Cory and Mike Craig for almost 30 years now. That relationship started out as just a client/trainer, then became a friendship, and now I consider them part of my family. They are definitely the nicest and most honest people you will ever meet. They are always up front with you about your horse and if they believe that it will not work for the purpose you have, they will not hesitate to tell you. So if you do not want to hear the truth about your horse, then - don't ask. And that is what you get with the Craigs - HONESTY!!!!

I began with just trail horses then halter horses and then pleasure horses. Then in 1997 Cory began training my first reining" horse. It was actually more of a trail horse - one that was home raised and definitely not reining bred. But Cory turned him into my first reiner and I earned my first NRHA paycheck and my first Pewter trophy on that horse and he only had 6 months of reining training. Granted, that is not the "norm", but it does show Cory's talent and work ethic.

Cory has been training my reiners ever since and not once have 1 ever thought about going somewhere else. To me there is nowhere else!!! Cory does as great a job training horses as anyone in the country! You get 110% from Cory all the time. You never have
to worry if your horse is getting ridden daily. The proof is in the final product - a well-trained horse.

Not only is Cory great with horses, he is also terrific in training clients as well. He has an ability to communicate with all
types and levels of riders. If you are looking to learn and you are serious about it, you could not find a better person to learn from.
If you are looking for a place where you will always feel comfortable and welcomed, where your horse will get the best training and where you can learn to be the best you can be, then Craig Performance Horses Is the place for you !!!

CHARLES "CHUCK" DEPUTY - madison, indiana